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All costs exclude postage & sizes are approximate

Makes For People

Fabric Covered Notebook - A5


Fabric Basket


Fabric Bowl


Gift Bag


Reusable Face Wipes with Mesh Wash Bag - Set of 7


Reusable Baby Wipes - Set of 7


Cosmetics Bag


Wash Bag


Cinch Top Bag


Tooth Fairy Cushion


Hair Scrunchie

£4 or 2 for £7


£4 or 2 for £7

Makes For Pets

Small Dog Bandana - Width 16cm


Medium Dog Bandana - Width 20cm


Large Dog Bandana - Width 23cm


Small Bow Tie - Width 10cm


Large Bow Tie - Width 15cm


Treat Bag


Catnip Fish



For more information or to place an order please use the contact form below.

Please let me know the make, size and fabric choice that you would like.

Remember, if you don't see the fabric you are looking for or you need a more bespoke size I am happy to work with you to bring you the make that you want.


Postage and packing will be advised at order confirmation.

I look forward to making for you.

Mrs B x

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